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How to Floss

Tips on cleaning the areas your brush cannot reach:

Flossing helps clean teeth in the areas that brushing alone just cannot reach (between the teeth and under your gum line). Flossing and then brushing helps remove plaque, a sticky substance that accumulates and hardens into tartar over time. Left untreated, plaque deposits can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Learning the proper way to floss your teeth is important. We are happy to demonstrate proper flossing techniques.

Any one type of dental floss will not necessarily work for everyone. Consumers can choose between waxed or unwaxed, flavoured or unflavoured, and regular or tape types. In general, a waxed floss slides between the teeth easier than an unwaxed floss. Flavoured floss leaves a fresh taste in the mouth, and is especially nice for those times when brushing or rinsing is not possible. Dental tape is thicker than regular floss and is generally favoured by people with wide gaps between their teeth.

Some companies are now marketing dental floss made from newer, "space age" materials. These newer materials offer increased smoothness and are also stronger than traditional floss. Ask us to advise you on the right floss for you.

Some people with limited dexterity or arthritis cannot easily manipulate dental floss. You may wish to try dental floss holders or interdental brushes.

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