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Enlighten Evolution Whitening

Enlighten Evolution Whitening

Why not try the only system in the world to guarantee that your teeth will get to a VITA shade B1 which is the whitest shade on a regular dentist shade guide!

How does it Work?

The Enlighten Whitening procedure is simple and takes 15 days to complete. Your dentist will take some impressions of your teeth which we will then send to a dedicated lab who will make your new, bespoke, and super sealed bleaching trays.

You will be required to wear the trays for 14 nights and then attend the clinic on the 15th day to complete your Enlighten Whitening

In Summary

  • We take impressions of the teeth to make your custom fitting Super Seal whitening trays. These have a double-layer for exceptional fit and are unique to Enlighten Evolution system.
  • You wear the Super Seal whitening trays 4 to 8 hours a day for 2 weeks and attend the clinic on the 15th day to complete your Enlighten Whitening.
  • 3rd – Top up on an occasional basis to maintain and even improve your results depending on your diet and habits.

With enlighten Evolution, there are no limits to a dazzling smile. This method gets teeth whiter and helps people who have had tough stains or bleach resistant teeth to get their smiles as white as they would like. Most importantly, enlighten is safe and long lasting.


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