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Our Technology

Intra Oral Camera

The intraoral camera is a revolutionary diagnostic dental tool allowing us to more easily identify potential problems within the mouth early on. The tiny intraoral camera can be inserted into a patient's mouth, taking pictures of the teeth and displaying the images on a computer screen. Using the intraoral camera saves time and makes problems easily visible to both patient and doctor. Patients can view the areas we will be working on, making procedures more understandable. The accompanying software also provides clear and accurate data so that the best treatment options can be selected.

Computer Imaging / Digital Photography

Thinking about having cosmetic dentistry but not sure if you're ready for the change? Computer imaging can give you a "sneak preview" of what you may look like after having the procedure of your choice. Using a digital photo, we can show you what your smile may look like with veneers or after tooth whitening. Being able to see a picture of how your results will most likely look can help you select the procedures that are right for you. Computer imaging is an exciting new tool that helps you have appropriate expectations and makes having cosmetic dentistry even more fun.

Digital x-rays

We use the latest x-ray technology which reduces the radiation dose compared with older types of x-rays. It also gives the dentist instant images, so we can advise you more quickly.

Air abrasion

Air abrasion is the latest technology to clean out decay without touching healthy tooth structure.