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Fees & Membership


Private Membership

Here at Edgbaston Dental Centre, we aim to inspire, educate and empower you to enjoy your Dental and Hygiene care. We combine a soothing atmosphere, outstanding patient care, and the latest techniques to create the ultimate in dental experiences for our patients.

Why not join us on our Private Patient Membership which gives you the control to 'pay as you go' for you dental care.

Please see our private patient membership price list below –

Fees correct as August 2016

Item   Private Fee
New Patient Exam & Report   45.00
Routine Examination   30.00
Routine Examination & Scale & Polish with Dentist   55.00
Whitening Consultation   FOC
Small X-ray Each 12.00
Large X-ray   45.00
Scale & Polish with hygienist   45.00
Air Polish   65.00
Silver Fillings From 45.00
Bonded Silver Fillings From 60.00
White Fillings From 80.00
Cerec Porcelain Inlay/Onlay/Crown From 350.00
Gold Inlay/Onlay/Crown From 650.00
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay/Crown From 600.00
Porcelain Metal Bonded Crown From 450.00
All Ceramic Crown From 600.00
Composite Inlay/Onlay From 375.00
Bridges (per unit) From 450.00
Veneers From 450.00
Partial Acrylic Dentures From 375.00
Partial Metal Dentures From 750.00
Full Acrylic Denture – upper or lower From 575.00
Upper and lower From 875.00
Root Filling From 350.00
Extraction – simple From 95.00
Surgical From 160.00
Sedation - includes simple extractions, amalgam fillings in back teeth, white fillings in front teeth and scale & polish   325.00
Whitening Zoom with trays   399.00
Enlighten   495.00
Home   249.00
Orthodontics From 2000.00
Implants From 2000.00